A strategy board game of thinking and drinking. This game is inspired and influenced by old world and medieval tavern games. In Alestone you try to capture an opponents glass of ale using a set of stone game pieces. The players can utilize augments such as the sword, shield, horse, and war ram in order to gain an advantage.

Check out the videos below to see the rules of the game.


How-to-Play Synopsis: On your turn you may move any two stones up to a number of spaces equal to that particular stones designation. The Fate stone's maximum movement is determined by rolling 1d6 at the start of each of the players turn. Once two stones have been moved, play moves clockwise among the players.

On their turn a player can attack an opponents stone, sending it back across the board to it's starting position within it's stockade. However, this causes the attacking stone to become knocked prone and vulnerable to being pinned by an opponent moving on top. The pinned stoned cannot move until the start of a turn where it is not longer pinned.

Using augments such as the horse or the shield gives you a bonus to movement or defending against attacks, receptively. Use of the war ram and sword give offensive bonuses.

The game ends once a players moves three of his five stones into the stockade of an opponent, effectively capturing his glass of ale and winning the game!

The game incorporates optional rules for playing with your favorite beverage.