Can you move diagonal or through other stones?

Yes and yes. You can move through your own stones and your opponents as well.

Can I attack/be attacked inside the Stable or Armory? 

Absolutely. Normal attack rules apply. Yes, this means you may be prone or pinned on top of an augment.

I lost a stone or chit, can I get a replacement?

You bet! Email Deadboxgames@gmail.com and we will work it out.

Do I have to move a stone on my turn?

Yes, you must move at least one. You do not need to move two however.

Does it matter which Augments I use?

No. I encourage you to try different combinations!

All my stones are pinned, what happens now?

Congratulate your opponent, because they have won the game.

Can I move through the center squares of my stockade, where the drink ring is?

No, that is technically where your ale should be!

Does the square in the center of the board mean anything in the two player game?

No, it only comes into play during a four player game. In a four player game it becomes the armory/stable and holds the augments.

May I bring augments into a stockade? Can I leave the stockade once I’ve entered it?

Yes, you may. Yes, again.

Is it true that you love pizza?

That’s kind of a personal question.

But is it true?